About Ed

Ed Castro has been casting charts for 38 years. He founded the United Nations Astrology Club where he worked for 20 years, casting charts for UN personnel and diplomats. He has developed a unique style which uses western astrology as well as Magi astrology. He started incorporating oracle cards and automatic writing in his readings after he met Doreen Virtue, Ph. D. and she encouraged him in his intuitive development. He has also been practicing bhakti or devotional yoga for over 35 years.

Presently Ed lives in Asheville, NC and has a thriving practice with clients from all over the US and many foreign countries.

His vision is to help his clients get a clearer understanding of who they are and their role in this world.

“I’ve had quite a few astrology readings, and I really benefited from what Ed told me. I was amazed at the accuracy of his predictions for this past year; things have occurred almost exactly like the reading said! He helped me focus on important priorities that were hard for me to see, and these shifts in focus have borne fruit in my personal life and my business. Thanks, Ed!”
–EE, Asheville, NC

"When I met with Ed for a reading, I was really blessed. Ed's guidance assisted me in seeing where my blind spots where, helped me identify the struggles that I had been dealing with and find peace with some very unsettling issues in my life. I have always been an astrological skeptic, but after my session with Ed, I really could see that he has an amazing gift in channeling the Divine through the charts and through the intuitive counseling that he shares. I am so grateful that I have someone like Ed to turn to for help and assistance during those rough times in my life. Ed, you are a blessing!"
–ML, Asheville, NC

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